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How to Set Up a Game Server – Dedicated Server System Requirements

Dedicated gaming servers are one of the major perks that PC gaming has over other gaming platforms. Players can set up their dedicated servers that allow a certain level of control, customizability, and stability, thanks to dedicated gaming servers. Those are things that were, and still are not possible, with external servers.
Why Should You Host Your Dedicated Game Server?
Your own gaming server allows you to experience multiplayer gaming in the best possible way, with fewer dropped connections, minimal lag, and fewer limits in stability and performance.
But your download and upload internet speeds must be up to …

Reasons Audio-Based Social Media Platforms Are the Future

Attention is now on the entirety of audio-based social media. Platforms such as Discord and Clubhouse, even a major platform such as Twitter, have launched audio spaces. This shows that audio-based social media or social media recorded with computer microphones is becoming the trend.
The Integration of Audio with Social Media
Technology in the field of communications is going full circle. After several waves of the Covid-19 pandemic and most organizations taking their operations to the …

Six SEO Strategies to Try for Your Custom T-Shirt Business

Personalized merchandise has improved business for different brands, racking up popularity, branding, and conversion over time. After all, custom t-shirts have been around since time immemorial and still an outstanding contribution to advertising and branding.
In fact, experts foresee the industry booming up to 3.47 billion in 2022. However, what more can a custom t-shirts business do to get ahead of the competition?
SEO: Knowledge Is Still Power
Search engine optimization boosts the visibility of any business. The shift to the new normal in 2019 made the internet a more powerful …

CRM Advertising Strategies for an International Company

Technology has changed the world at a breathtaking pace. Everything has changed – including the way companies do business. The internet has helped bring the world closer than ever so that national and international firms can compete on the same level.
However, there’s one thing that can help boost your company’s marketing performance unlike anything else – CRM. CRM is short for customer relationship management, and it includes any tool, technology, strategy, or technique a business venture adopts to acquire, engage, and retain customers. In short, CRM is all about how businesses manage customer relationships …

Digital Marketing Updates: Microsoft Ads Integration and New Pega Products

For our Digital Genie Today, we will talk about Pega and the rise of Microsoft Ads.
Pega has now attempted to simplify its UX for business customers using its CRM. They have also announced new products like the Pega Infinity platform, as well as low-code capabilities that empower citizen developers to design app UIs. The only fear about this development is the abrupt increase of apps, systems, and processes in the market.
Meanwhile, advertisers can now bring the customer segments to Microsoft Ads through a new integration with Dynamic 365. This integration can help them target their customer segments through customer match….

The Benefits of Leveraging Customer Content

User-generated content (UGC) to drive brand awareness and conversions isn’t an alien tactic in digital marketing. Yet, it is finding new levels that can generate more success in the industry during the pandemic. Thus, it is highly appropriate to give this content type leverage to observe more leads and do more business in the market.
Calego’s President, David Rapps, said that UGC has helped them understand how their iFLY luggage and accessories perform in the market. Through collecting ratings and reviews …

Live or Virtual: The Future of Marketing Events

While the hopes of having live events are coming back once again, virtual environments will remain in style for future conventions. The only big question now is whether these two will have the same impact, especially on the financial aspect of these businesses.
In their book “Reinventing Live”, Denzil Rankine and Marco Giberti’s have a comprehensive analysis of what has, is, and will become the future of events. They say that events will be hybrid – a combo of live and virtual events. They have observed how some events work well online while others may require one-to-one sessions.
Although live events won’t be …

Digital Marketing Agencies’ Outlook for 2021: A Bright Future Ahead

2020 came with so many changes that affected many industries and digital marketing agencies were not left behind. When the pandemic hit and businesses were forced to shut down, 66% of marketing agencies reported a decrease in their revenue. A call data report by CallRail also showed a 29% decrease in call volume in the advertising and marketing industries.
Besides, the financial outlook for agencies in 2021 is promising. In a survey conducted by CallRail, 88% of the agencies were satisfied with their financial health while only 3% were not.
Dale Powell, who is the managing director of Atomic Marketing, said that call tracking…

Call Analytics Platforms Use Advances in Machine Learning to Expand Their Utilities

Call analytics platforms are dependent on the ability to track call data. Marketers use these platforms to track online and offline leads. Over the past few years, advances in machine learning and AI have provided more sophisticated applications to provide rich data from a growing incoming call volume. These sophistications include;
1. Personalized Lead Routing–
By using machine learning, the platforms can route and score calls based on several factors including demographics, call source, purchase history, and intent.
2. Sales Rep Development and Coaching
Most …

An SEO Guide to Google Ranking Factors

Looking to rank your page on every SERPs? Here’s a guide to help you get your page on the top page.

Backlinks– Backlinks remain one of Google’s top-ranking factors. Try borrowing backlink ideas from search competition. It’s also notable that some Google patents say that traffic and freshness can be important backlink metrics.
Semantic Saturation– Analyze your search competitor’s top-ranking pages and create a benchmark from it using semantic …