How to Optimize Cannabis Content for Higher Rankings

The cannabis industry is experiencing rapid growth due to its increasing legalization. Recent social changes have played a role in driving up activity levels for content on cannabis, leading to notable growth in this area across various online channels.
To ensure cannabis businesses and enthusiasts reach their target audience effectively, optimizing your content for higher search engine rankings is crucial. Write about the latest live resin trends or other interesting topics in the industry to engage your audience.
In this …

An SEO Guide to Google Ranking Factors

Looking to rank your page on every SERPs? Here’s a guide to help you get your page on the top page.

Backlinks– Backlinks remain one of Google’s top-ranking factors. Try borrowing backlink ideas from search competition. It’s also notable that some Google patents say that traffic and freshness can be important backlink metrics.
Semantic Saturation– Analyze your search competitor’s top-ranking pages and create a benchmark from it using semantic …

Six Major Updates in Google’s Algorithms

Google has claimed a lot of major algorithm changes in the past few years. Several of these are deemed important to discover which snippets to feature and which pages to rank first. So, let us take a look at six of the most critical changes in Google search algorithms.

Panda – This update has been incorporated permanently into Google’s core algorithm and, with its frequent update rollouts, has made penalties and recoveries happen faster.
Penguin – As the …

SEO in 2020: A Year in Review

2020 was a tough year because of the pandemic. Search engines have just released major updates in their algorithms that have been pretty helpful in focusing on the most relevant searches. While all these are forced to cater to the increased traffic during long periods of lockdown, it is becoming more relevant to the needs of the so-called “new normal” activities – online shopping, vlogging, digital marketing, etc.
So, what did SEO look like in 2020?

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) has now powered almost all English-language queries.