Live or Virtual: The Future of Marketing Events

While the hopes of having live events are coming back once again, virtual environments will remain in style for future conventions. The only big question now is whether these two will have the same impact, especially on the financial aspect of these businesses.

In their book “Reinventing Live”, Denzil Rankine and Marco Giberti’s have a comprehensive analysis of what has, is, and will become the future of events. They say that events will be hybrid – a combo of live and virtual events. They have observed how some events work well online while others may require one-to-one sessions.

Although live events won’t be abrupt in attendance, most marketers will continue to experiment on what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to learning and simulating digital marketing techniques.

Also, several challenges were pointed out in the dilemma of choosing either live or virtual events. The cost, the maintenance of engagement levels, and the networking limits may have to be addressed to fully determine whether or not to stay mix or to let go of either one of them. Nonetheless, they still reiterate that the event must be about the customers and less on the budget and organizing.

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