Month: May 2021

Identity Resolution Spend Can Reach $2.6 Billion in 2022

Winterberry Group forecasted US Marketers to spend $2.6 billion by 2022 on identity resolution programs, which is a 188% over-four-year cumulative increase. This investment underlines the importance of identity programs in customer experience and people-based initiatives in marketing.
Based on the Forrester Consulting projections, improving identity resolution comes with tons of benefits for digital marketers, including improved analytics …

A Reflection on Mark Zuckerberg’s “The Future is Private.”

In a developers and entrepreneur’s convention, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the crowd with a single line on the projector: The Future is Private.
But how is that possible and coming from the CEO of a social media company that has been linked to multiple privacy leaks in the past few years? Most people are anxious to know how Cambridge Analytica harvested Facebook personal information to build voter profiles used during Trump’s presidential campaign?
Zuckerberg admits that Facebook hasn’t got the strongest reputation when it comes to privacy. It has been noted that the Federal Trade Commission has issued …

Instagram Business Users are Being Targeted Through Phishing Campaigns

A phishing site targeting Instagram business users has recently surfaced online. Scammers have developed a method where they lure customers into giving their Instagram credentials in exchange for an online business verification badge.
The phishing campaigns are becoming rampant despite the anti-hacking security measures taken by Instagram. To perform the scam successfully, the scammers need access to your email account or mobile number.
They usually guise this phishing site with the domain “instagramforbusiness[.]infor”. The scammers then ask users to fill out several forms that and ask for their email …

Why Customer Service via Social Media Platforms is Helpful for Ecommerce Business

The power of social media is incredibly massive and reaches about 75% of the online population. Typically, social media is a haven for buyers to find better choices and sellers to offer products. Thus, your company can get a good boost in sales and market trust through effective social media customer service. Here is why.
1.Every Customer Expects It
If you offer services through social media, then you should know that your customers expect to receive customer service. Most online customers expect follow-up…