CRM Advertising Strategies for an International Company

Technology has changed the world at a breathtaking pace. Everything has changed – including the way companies do business. The internet has helped bring the world closer than ever so that national and international firms can compete on the same level.
However, there’s one thing that can help boost your company’s marketing performance unlike anything else – CRM. CRM is short for customer relationship management, and it includes any tool, technology, strategy, or technique a business venture adopts to acquire, engage, and retain customers. In short, CRM is all about how businesses manage customer relationships …

Call Analytics Platforms Use Advances in Machine Learning to Expand Their Utilities

Call analytics platforms are dependent on the ability to track call data. Marketers use these platforms to track online and offline leads. Over the past few years, advances in machine learning and AI have provided more sophisticated applications to provide rich data from a growing incoming call volume. These sophistications include;
1. Personalized Lead Routing–
By using machine learning, the platforms can route and score calls based on several factors including demographics, call source, purchase history, and intent.
2. Sales Rep Development and Coaching
Most …

Identity Resolution Spend Can Reach $2.6 Billion in 2022

Winterberry Group forecasted US Marketers to spend $2.6 billion by 2022 on identity resolution programs, which is a 188% over-four-year cumulative increase. This investment underlines the importance of identity programs in customer experience and people-based initiatives in marketing.
Based on the Forrester Consulting projections, improving identity resolution comes with tons of benefits for digital marketers, including improved analytics …