An SEO Guide to Google Ranking Factors

Looking to rank your page on every SERPs? Here’s a guide to help you get your page on the top page.

  • Backlinks– Backlinks remain one of Google’s top-ranking factors. Try borrowing backlink ideas from search competition. It’s also notable that some Google patents say that traffic and freshness can be important backlink metrics.
  • Semantic Saturation– Analyze your search competitor’s top-ranking pages and create a benchmark from it using semantic saturation.
  • HTML Tags– Utilize the title and meta description with the target keywords for your pages. You can also segment your copy in sections containing keywords and in a more informative style. Take advantage of alt text to have your images pulled up on image searches as well.
  • Core Web Vitals– These metrics measure the user’s first impression when visiting a page. It can be measured based on how quickly the page loads, how interactive it gets, and the stability of the page layout.
  • User Behavior– Watch out for user behavior and structured data. This is seen in the CTR, bounce rate, session depth, and duration alongside other identity details of your webpage.
  • Google MyBusiness– Optimizing your Google MyBusiness listing will go a long way in improving your SERPs.

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