Technologies That Contribute to the Rapid Growth of the Cannabis Industry

American Medical Association (AMA) in their December 2022 study states that marijuana-related arrests decreased as the legalization of cannabis (marijuana) and cannabidiol (CBD) has been approved in several states in America.

Though the drug is still prohibited, an individual will not be indicted for possessing a specific amount. (Go to to find out more.)

With the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis and CBD, businessmen are innovating technologies to enhance crop management and market distribution.

Cannabis production in America is challenged and trusts greatly on new technologies. Here are some technologies that contribute to the rapid growth of the said cannabis production.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence technology makes a big contribution to the cannabis industry. AI helps growers in boosting their products’ quality, can achieve the aimed level of CBD, and may alter the hereditary composition of the plants in order to yield the best crops.

AI also aids in distributing products to people in a fast and easy way through the apps they developed like apps that help businessmen that anticipate demand and supply, foresee trends, and even changes in prices and fluctuations in the market.

Access Control

The rapid growth of amenities and cannabis processing plants used cloud-based Access Control to secure storage. Approximately eight thousand Cannabis dispensaries in America strived harder just to get permission from the government. They struggle to legitimize and legally run their companies in order to avoid exposure to criminality, which has previously given some businessmen headaches.

Cannabis dispensaries became more accessible through Modern Access Control Systems which are malleable and harmless. It provides tight security which easily catches invaders and can be assimilated with various software such as CCTVs or security cameras, alarms, and the like to ensure the safety of the products.


In centralized places in America, Cannabis is still prohibited. Several cannabis companies find it difficult to partner with banks as they are not permitted to receive money from cannabis-related production. That’s why several cannabis companies turned to blockchain technology to track transactions and pay crypto-currency and the like.

The main goal of the said cannabis companies is to utilize blockchain technology in order to secure the monitoring and shipping the cannabis products. However, it is not easy due to the government’s restrictions.

Internet of Things (IoT) Automation

Internet of Things (IoT) Automation technologies became a refuge for several cannabis ranches to associate the emergent procedures and to control the atmosphere for cannabis production.

IoT Automation technologies also aid growers to track their products with the help of tracking IDs in order to classify cannabis plants from the propagation course and monitor them as they mature, reaped, dried, and traded. Tracking like that consents the government to direct production with transparency to the market and to the consumer.


The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and technology is evolving either. Businessmen and growers are seeing improvements and advances in technologies like hardware and software. Possessing high-quality cannabis and other related products happens when cannabis farming technology advancements are implemented.

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