What is
Yellowee is a new way to find local business information in your city; finds deals and discounts, find people who like the same things as you and find interesting reviews.

Why did GenieKnows launch
Having conducted extensive market and technical research related to local business information and how people access it, use it and share it, we decided to launch our ideas into a brand new website and was born.

Yellowee is the next chapter in city based, local information access. We are simplifying the user experience and listening to what people would like to see.

What is different about from other YP & review websites? uses data gathering methods from various sources, so you get access to various local information pools; photos, reviews, deals – not the dusty yellow business directory.

Can I sign up for a Yellowee user account and review businesses?
Yes, it’s an entirely free service; sign-up find local information, talk about it, share it with friends.

Can I get a App on my iPhone or Blackberry?
We are working towards mobile Apps for Yellowee. However, rather than releasing a mobile App ‘just because’ – we wanted to release something that was ‘killer’ – watch this space.


I am a business owner – how can help me grow my business?
We think you’ll find Yellowee a valuable tool to engage new customers; post your discounts online, create daily deals, talk to users online, respond to reviews.

Can I enhance my Yellowee business account?
Yes, we have the ability to upgrade the basic business account into a ‘Premium Listings’ account, Click here for more information.

I already have existing YellowPage and print Ad campaigns – Why do I need a Yellowee ‘Premium Listings account?
Those existing campaigns might be working just fine – and we don’t suggest changing anything if they are. However, with a Yellowee business account we will garner additional online presence for your company with trusted SEO and SEM strategies – what does this mean, I hear you say? It means that we have the ability to position your business across search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing and via portal networks such as AT&T, AOL and Bell. We do all the heavy lifting.

Who is behind the product?
It is the same trusted team that built out the and GenieKnowsMedia brands and the publishing network behind those products.

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