General Account Questions

How many searches are performed throughout the GenieKnows Media Network each month?
GenieKnowsMedia’s technology and network partnership programs generate more than 1 billion searches per month.

When can I see my stats? When are stats updated?
Unlike many other PPC providers, GenieKnowsMedia makes online stats available to advertisers in a real-time online environment with a more detailed report generated daily.

Where can I retrieve my password if I’ve forgotten it?
If you have forgotten your password, click here.

How can I change my GenieKnows Media Pay Per Click account details?
GenieKnowsMedia’s technology and network partnership programs generate more than 1 billion searches per month.

Who is my contact at GenieKnows Media?
Feel free to contact one of our GenieKnowsMedia account specialists at any time. For Advertisers, please email For Publishing Partners, please email You may also contact an account specialist by telephone using our toll free number at 1.877.644.3643. For further contact details, please visit our contact directory page.

Approval Process

Does GenieKnows Media review all Pay Per Click listings?
Yes. The GenieKnowsMedia editorial content team review all new accounts manually on an ongoing basis.

How long is the Pay Per Click account approval process?
Please allow 24-48 hours (during regular business hours) for the review process to be completed. Your account status will be marked as ‘pending’ until the approval process is completed.
You can check the status of our account via your login page, however you will receive an email notifying you of your account status following the review process.

How long will it take for my GenieKnows Media Pay Per Click listing changes to appear online?
If you modify your bid amount, the change should post within minutes. If you make changes to the title, description, or URL, the listing will need to be reviewed again for relevance. Please allow 24-48 hours during regular business hours for the review process to update your account.

Are there any hidden costs or set-up fees that I should be aware of?
None whatsoever. GenieKnowsMedia is proud to offer a transparent activation and advertising service free of hidden costs or misleading set-up fees.

Keyword Management

How can I upload a large quantity of keywords; does the GenieKnows Media Pay Per Click system accept spreadsheets?
We offer a convenient spreadsheet service for advertisers who want to upload more than 500 keyword listings at a time. Read more about GenieKnowsMedia’s complimentary Mass Keyword Submission tool here. If you have questions about this tool or any of GenieKnowsMedia’s Service Enhancement Features, please feel free to contact an account representative at

Can I have more than one GenieKnows Media Pay Per Click advertising listing on my account?
Yes, advertisers may set up multiple GenieKnowsMedia Pay Per Click listings on their accounts.

Is there any limit to keywords within my GenieKnows Media Pay Per Click account?
No. Keyword submission and approval is limited only by the relevancy of your selected keywords to your website. Beyond that, you may upload as many relevant keywords as you wish.

Do I need to bid on both the plural and singular form of each keyword?
Yes. We suggest bidding on both the plural and singular version of each keyword to ensure optimal coverage.

About Security

How reliable is the GenieKnowsMedia Pay Per Click service?
The GenieKnowsMedia editorial content team is constantly reviewing all new accounts manually.

Also, GenieKnowsMedia deploys the latest and most robust software to ensure advertiser listings are accurately displayed and tracked within our system. A specially engineered server cluster, and use of the very latest load-balancing techniques offers increased redundancy and provides faster response times. GenieKnowsMedia is well supported by 3rd party agreements with several internet backbone providers, such as 360 Networks and Group Telecom.

Is my GenieKnows Media Pay Per Click account safe for credit card transactions?
Yes. The team at GenieKnowsMedia understands that security remains the primary concern of online consumers, so all sensitive information sent through the GenieKnowsMedia website is encrypted in an SSL session, protecting against disclosure to third parties. We provide the best company standards available online using Thawte SSL certificate to secure all your account information and credit card transactions.

How does GenieKnowsMedia Pay Per Click fraud detection mechanism work?
GenieknowsMedia has various fraud detection measures in place, both automatic and manual to protect your advertising campaigns. To learn more about how GenieShield protects GenieKnowsMedia advertisers from fraudulent activity, click here.

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