Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Online advertising allows for publishing partners to make money quickly from their sites through GenieKnows Media’s Pay Per Click internet marketing.

Let us do the work for you! Eliminate the cost and hassle of monetizing unsold ad inventory by becoming a GenieKnows Media Publishing Partner.

If you are looking for a way to begin generating extra income from your website, becoming a GenieKnows Media Publishing Partner is an easy and quick way to do so. Allow us to properly position your site for maximum revenue potential.

Boost ROI with online marketing campaigns!

Online PPC marketing is becomingly increasingly difficult for marketers to receive an effective Return on Investment (ROI) due to spiraling costs associated with traditional Pay Per Click advertising companies. GenieKnows lowers the barriers to entry by lowering the cost to you ‘the advertiser’.
Our online reach and cost effective pricing model makes your advertising budget simply go further. As marketing budgets are being cut across the globe are you doing what you need to do in order to maximize potential ROI?

Marketing Management Tools that work

We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance your advertising experience and boost your ROI. Our management tools have been designed to allow you to effortlessly track campaign performance, and benefit from control, security and easily managed accounts.

Our bid management tools, Auto-Recharge and Account Budget, will help you stay competitive without having to constantly monitor your bid price or account balance.

Focus your campaign based on when and where your target audience is most likely to view your ads with our Campaign Schedule tool and our Geo-Targeted Search Feed.

Allow us to help you generate relevant keywords with our Keyword Select tool. Submitting thousands of keywords at once is also a snap, thanks to our Mass Keyword Submission tool.

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