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August 15th, 2011

Yellowee Adds Local Search Extension for Chrome, Firefox & IE

GenieKnows Inc.’s local business directory website,, has recently added a new local search box add-on extension feature for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

This feature allows the user to add the local business directory search box into their search engines of choice.

April 13th, 2011

AdTech San Francisco: News From The Exhibit Hall

The sales and marketing teams returned to one of our favourite venues this week; AdTech San Francisco. The Moscone Center is a bustling and busy spot – stop by booth number 1427 and chat with the GenieKnows crew!

This is one of the Internet’s leading industry conferences which attracts thousands of attendees including many top Internet companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and LinkedIn as well as leading advertisers.

A big shift we are seeing at the 2011 AdTech event is the emergence of the social media sector as the next ‘big thing’. We had previously seen paid search leading the way at this event in previous years, but it now seems that the groundswell of service companies pushing their social media products are leading the way. The social media service sector was, of course, buoyed by the recent sale of Canada’s Radian6 to for a whooping $326M

In other news from this years AdTech, the Bing and Yahoo teams are upbeat on the integration of their respective search Ad platforms; Microsoft Ad Center and Yahoo Search Marketing, with Bing happily proclaiming that they’ve hit 30% of search market share in the US

The GenieKnows sales and marketing team continue to promote their pay-per-click search marketing solution products for advertisers and publishers. GenieKnows also recently re-launched its content network of websites (such as and are continuing to service users with thought provoking and newsworthy content across a wide range of verticals.
Mark Harper is VP Marketing & Content at GenieKnows Inc., a private online marketing company based in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada offering Pay-Per-ClickDisplay and Local Searchmarketing services.

January 13th, 2011
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2011 Promises Increased Optimism for the Technology Sector

There is little doubt that 2009 and 2010 were extremely tough years for organizations of all shapes and sizes to navigate. Many economic pundits likened the recent global recession to the great depression of the 1930’s.

The tough economic business climate turned the car manufacturing, financial and housing sectors into economic wastelands inside 12 months, with the unemployment rate in the US reaching levels not seen for over 75 years.

The global financial implosion that started in the US in 2009, quickly spread across much of the western hemisphere and resulted in international financial bailout packages in many countries with the UK, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal the worst affected in Europe.

The crushing fiscal pressure that reverberated around the planet sunk banks and toppled brand names.

In the online marketing world this manifested itself into advertising budgets being slashed dramatically – with many agencies drilling down on campaigns to gain more value for money and cutting out under-performing accounts. Those that couldn’t keep up, folded.

Since late 2008 many big technology sector brand names such as Nokia, Google, IBM, Yahoo & HP announced swaths of huge layoffs that continued into late 2010 in order to hold onto slim profit margins. The technology and online industries were on the ropes.

So, what has changed in 2011 that gives us cause for hope? Well, watch out for transformational companies as the recession appears in the rearview.

Not surprising then that those cash-conscious consumers are excited by the phenomenon of the online ‘daily deal’ companies that have sprung up, with a whole slew of online daily deals crashing into our email inbox’s and our browsers. The most prominent of these start-ups is Groupon, launched in November 2008, they quickly did deals with other media companies such as Twitter to grow its user base of local consumers across hundreds of cities worldwide.

Groupon’s growth has seen many unprecedented success stories for local businesses. When Groupon offered half-price $20 gift cards to users of its coupon site, a San Francisco-based chain of coffee shops figured it would get a few hundred takers. It got more than 2,000. That’s one hell of an online fueled caffeine rush!

Other, more established local online directory websites such as Yelp, Urbanspoon and CitySearch were quick to follow the daily deal coupon business model with varying degrees of success. It is no surprise that Google was reportedly keen on acquiring the rapidly rising to further augment its Google Places product. At the time of writing, Groupon had raised $950M to fund their global expansion and had turned down a cool $6Bn from Google to acquire them.

The push to cut operational costs in order to survive has also seen a rapid growth within other technology sectors. According to Gartner – one to watch in 2010 and into 2011 is ‘cloud computing’. Many small and medium sized tech shops are cutting out staffing costs (and hardware) to take advantage of cheaper and more reliable virtual server solutions ‘in the cloud’. So what does this mean? Well, start-ups no longer need to go to the expense of co-location centres, staffing and server costs to support their infrastructure.

There is no denying the continued explosion, and ensuing online media marketing interest, in the social media marketplace. As Facebook and Twitter continue with their relentless pursuit of eyeballs with new product offerings and homepage redesigns, the social media space has seen a significant hiring increase in its business and marketing departments in an attempt to turn those page views into online advertising dollars.

It’s clear that both Facebook and Twitter see the local business market as an important vehicle to access new revenues as they put more emphasis on location based services. Smart local business owners are tapping in and taking control of their social media presence to get consumers through the door and increase their sales.

Online marketing and advertising agencies are back in the game in a big way for 2011 and according to eMarketer there are now significant moves away from offline marketing spending and into online channels for 2011. To put it simply, agencies need to position their clients products and services in front of a targeted audience and that audience has gone digital in a big way. Mobile online usage is set to increase as sophistication levels increase in smartphone technology and marketers see opportunities centred around location based services.

We are not out of the woods as yet, but there are signs that online marketing spending and technology advancements are leading to an optimistic outlook for 2011.

Mark Harper is VP Marketing & Content at GenieKnows Inc., a private online marketing company based in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada offering Pay-Per-Click, Display and Local Search marketing services.

December 22nd, 2010
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Seasons Greetings for the Holidays

Seasons greetings from all the staff at GenieKnows and our best wishes to all for 2011.

November 8th, 2010
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GenieKnows’ Business Development Team at AdTech

The GenieKnows crew were out in force, seen here; JT Manning, LG Roberts, Jodi Noye-Manning & Corey Loye from our Business Development team.

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